Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) come in a huge range of different colours, patterns and designs so you can really be as creative as you want. They can incorporate lots of stylish elements such as design strips, borders and features to give you the exact look you want. LVT is 100% waterproof, very durable and easy to care for. Let our expert fitters create some amazing designs for your home and give it that unique finish. LVT gives you the beauty of natural flooring products but without the practical drawbacks.

LVT can come as dry back tiles where adhesive needs to be applied to the subfloor, or as self adhesive tiles which already have the adhesive on the backing.

Advantages of LVT include:

Hard Wearing

Due to the durability it possesses, LVT is often chosen of its natural counterparts. LVT will not mark or splinter with high heels (unlike solid wood floors) as it is extremely hard wearing. LVT doesn’t expand or contract like laminate flooring can and hence there is no need to use expansion gaps. Stone or ceramic tiles can tend to chip or crack. This doesn’t happen with LVT and therefore you can expect it to stay in the same shape and appearance throughout its lifespan.

Designer Appearance

You can be as simple or as creative as you want with LVT. Create the exact look you want using borders, design strips and features. For example, you can lay LVT on a diagonal with a border to highlight the features of your room. In this respect, solid wood and laminate flooring can be limited as they are usually laid across the length or width of a room without any features.


LVT is constructed to the very highest standard and initially started out as commercial flooring due to its hard wearing nature. Whether it is a worn and distressed wood effect, or a rustic ceramic tile look, you will be able to find the right LVT for you.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

LVT is the one of easiest flooring products on the market to clean and maintain. They can be mopped with warm water and are resistant to spills and stains.

Warm and Quiet Underfoot

LVT are extremely warm underfoot unlike ceramic, stone, granite or porcelain tiles. They can therefore help to reduce heating bills by acting as a thermal insulator. LVT can even be fitted on top of under floor heating to make it warmer still. Unlike products such as laminate flooring or wood flooring, luxury vinyl tiles do not have the noise factor. This is useful especially if you live in a flat with bad noise levels or have children running around.

Moisture Resistant

Due to their moisture resistant nature, luxury vinyl tiles are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. They are impenetrable from water, but excessive surface water left for a prolonged period may affect the adhesive underneath the tiles. However, this would be in extreme circumstances.


LVT can be laid in any room in the home or business. It is an extremely versatile type of flooring which is hard wearing enough for hallways and living areas, and also water resistant enough for kitchens and bathrooms